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Long Lashes


Elena Bellucci lash collection is designed to provide the comfort to wear with light and soft handcrafted cotton. Our lashes are manufactured ensuring both beauty and health.

Elena Bellucci Eyelashes can be a fabulous addition to your look. Choosing the right eyelash glue is essential to keeping your false eyelashes on securely without falling off half way during an important event.

Different false eyelashes require different types of glue, so you need to be prepared and know which glue works best for the eyelashes you like to wear. Determine the type of false eyelashes that suit you best. You can purchase false eyelashes in full strips, small sections or individually.

Elena Bellucci false eyelashes are eyelash strips which tend to be more obvious but are easier to apply.

​The dark eyelash glue dries to a dark color wherever it is used and can be helpful if you’re trying to achieve a more dramatic look. Elena Bellucci Eyelash Adhesive offers secure hold without added weight.

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