The Vision

The Vision of Elena Bellucci

Elena Bellucci is more than just a cosmetics brand – It is the specialized healthy eye make-up brand. Elena Bellucci products are manufactured ensuring both beauty and health. Elena Bellucci lash collection and eye care cosmetics are prepared especially for sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

Elena Bellucci lash collection is designed to provide the comfort to wear with light and soft handcrafted cotton. Elena Bellucci eye care cosmetics are especially recommended for the people who suffer allergic reactions to make-up, and for contact lens users. Elena Bellucci Coloured Contact lenses come with the CE mark and they are made with completed cast mould by the patented Pigment Outside Inlay Method which is the most sophisticated & safe colour printing technology.

Our Coloured Contact lenses are safe, comfortable and easy for handling and fitting.

All ranges of Elena Bellucci products are monitored throughout the product life-cycle to ensure that the voice of the customer is heard and the satisfaction of the customer is achieved. Elena Bellucci is the perfect solution for healthy and beautiful eyes. Discover the clear difference with Elena Bellucci!