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  • Are all contact lenses the same?
    No there are many different types of contact lenses. For example, there are hard and soft contact lenses. There are contact lenses for correction of myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Also contact lenses can be of different materials such as hydrogels or silicon hydrogels. Furthermore, contact lenses can differ in edge design, base curve and radius. Also contact lenses can be tinted or coloured.
  • Can the contact lens disappear behind the eye?
    No, the contact lens cannot disappear behind your eye. However, the contact lens can slide under your eye lid. As this will cause great discomfort you should immediately try to get out the lens from under your eye lid.
  • What is important for handling soft contact lenses?
    It is very important to wash your hands before handling your contact lenses. You should follow the instructions for use leaflet which is included in the packaging box and the multipurpose solution box. You can also ask your local contact lens specialist, eye doctor or optometrist for advice on how to take care of soft contact lenses.
  • Can I wear contact lenses with dry eyes?
    It depends how strong your dry eye syndrome is. In case of a mild dry eye syndrome, you may be able to wear contact lenses if you use eye drops for lubrification of the eye and contact lenses. However, in case you have a strong form of dry eye syndrome it is not recommended to wear soft contact lenses.
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