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All eyelashes from Elena Bellucci are reusable and handmade, using only artificial hair.  Our lashes are completely mink free. They are attached to a breathable cotton band for maximized wearing comfort.
EBEL 11 model is an excellent choice to express an elegant and glamorous look.
Length: 6 ~ 11mm
To keep your lashes in a good condition handle them carefully and according to the Instructions for Use.

False eyelashes – EBEL11 – Elena Bellucci – handmade – 1 pair

  • Elena Bellucci Handmade Eyelashes

    Elena Bellucci Eyelashes are produced by the production technology inherited from the professional craftsmen for decades. We are endeavouring to develop the most beautiful and compatible products through development of new technologies and designs with the quality innovation.


    Special Technology of Cotton Band

    Elena Bellucci eyelash cotton band is very thin, soft, strong and nonallergic. So that it will not irritate eyes.

    Discover the clear difference with Elena Bellucci lashes. Elena Bellucci’s lash collection offers the softest, lightest and most natural looking. Our lashes are easy to apply and comfortable to wear all day long with a light & soft handcrafted cotton band.

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