• Elena Bellucci® Fantasy Series II Hazel

    The Fantasy Series II by Elena Bellucci features vibrant colours. It has no rim around the iris, but a brownish shade around the pupil.

    Better tearflow and oxygen supply
    Elena Bellucci® soft contact lenses are designed to take corneal asphericity into account to provide the best possible fit and smooth tearing cycle.

    A portion of the contact lens edge is shaped so that it is slightly lifted. This helps to ensure that the eye has a supply of oxygen through each blinking and tear circulation.

    Elena Bellucci© soft contact lenses offer high-definition vision correction and beautiful colour patterns. Elena Bellucci®soft contact lenses are UV blocking contact lenses that help to protect against transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea and therefore lowering the risk of diseases caused by UV-B and UV-A rays.

    Read enclosed instructions carefully before use. Remove before sleep.

    Elena Bellucci Fantasy II Hazel – Coloured Contact Lenses – 3 Months – 2 Lenses

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