Our innovative technologies

Elena Bellucci daily wear soft contact lenses were designed based on study of ophthalmology, optometry , macromolecule engineering and optics (branch of physics). The design methodology of Elena Bellucci daily wear soft contact lenses can provide the proper fitting for most of human eyes. It is known that a tight fitting of the contact lens is a main factor to cause neovascularization.  All the soft contact lenses of Elena Bellucci are produced according to the international standard EN ISO 13485 for medical devices and other standards that are relevant to Elena Bellucci soft contact lenses. All stock of Elena Bellucci soft contact lenses bear the CE marking.  The expert manufacturer, InnoVision Deutschland GmbH for Elena Bellucci soft contact lenses is a specialist in high-pressure steam sterilisation process of contact lenses.



Elena Bellucci Coloured Contact Lenses

Elena Bellucci Coloured Contact lenses of InnoVision Deutschland GmbH protect your eyes from drying out. With our lenses, your eyes feel fresh all day. The aspherical design of the contact lenses ensures ideal tear circulation and preserves the moisture of the eye. At the same time, the optimised water content of our high-performance materials keeps the eye from drying out. Our Coloured Contact lenses are safe, comfortable and easy for handling and fitting.

Elena Bellucci Coloured Contact Lenses are made with completed cast mold by the patented Pigment Outside Inlay Method, the most sophisticated & safe colour printing technology.



Elena Bellucci CLEANAQUA Multi-Purpose Solution

Elena Bellucci CLEANAQUA Multi-Purpose Solution is multifunctional solution that removes lipids and proteins from all types of soft contact lenses. It has a very wide range of disinfecting and lubricates, for high comfort.

Composition:Active ingredients: Remopro Preservative: Polyhexanide Biguanide

Purpose:Cleaning, disinfecting, storing, rinsing, wetting & rewetting, lubricating and protein removing.

Elena Bellucci Handmade Eyelashes 

Elena Bellucci Eyelashes are produced by the production technology inherited from the professional craftsmen for decades. We are endeavoring to develop the most beautiful and compatible products through development of new technologies and designs with the quality innovation.

Special Technology of Cotton Band

Elena Bellucci eyelash cotton band is very thin, soft, strong and nonallergic. So that it will not irritate eyes.

Discover the clear difference with Elena Bellucci lahses. Elena Bellucci’s lash collection offers the softest, lightest and most natural looking. Our lashes are easy to apply and comfortable to wear all day long with a light & soft handcrafted cotton band.

Elena Bellucci Glue for Eyelashes

Elena Bellucci Eyelash Adhesive can be a fabulous addition to your look. Our Eyelash adhesive is tested by the accredited testing and research institute in order to ensure the safety.